How far are you from the International pier (SSA)?

You don´t need to spend a bunch of dollars to get here, just ask for Casa del Mar hotel and we are just across the street!. Please exit the terminal and turn left (north).

We are located 300 mts/.24 miles away, just in front of Casa del mar hotel next to Atlantis submarine

How much does a taxi cost?

You do not need a taxi, we are well located. We are walking distance from the International Pier Cruise Terminal SSA & Puerta Maya Internacional Cruise Terminal.

Is an open bar?

Yes it is. You can have any drinks you want, but we recommend drinking with moderation.

What kind of beers do you have?

We have Tecate, tecate Light, Sol, Lagger XX and ambar all of them served on a bottle or can.

Do I have to show my ID?

Yes, ID Will be required.

Do I have to book before I go?

We recommend you to secure your place as we have a limit of 40 people per day.

Is the towel included?

No, towels are for rent. Their cost is 5.00 dls for each one but you can bring your owns.

Is pet friendly?

No it is not. Pets are not allowed.

Does it have facilities for handicapped?

No it does not.

How far are you from Puerta Maya International cruise Terminal?

Walking distance, just 15 minutes away. Please  walk out to the street and turn left (north)  on the sidewalk. Conitnue down just past the traffic light. We are located 500 mts/.31 miles north away from the Cruise pier, just in front of Casa del Mar Hotel and next to Atlantis Submarine.

What is the Schedule?

    • Monday to Saturday: From 8:00AM to 4:00PM (Cozumel Local Time, Eastern Time).

Are the cocktails included?

Yes they are frozen & cold drinks.

Are children allowed?

No they are not. It is only for adults from 18 years old and up.

What kind of snacks do you have?

We have hot snacks and cold snacks, such as fish ceviche, shrimp cocktail, coconut shrimp, guacamole, nachos, etc.

Do you have wifi?

Yes we do. Wifi Service is free

Is the pool hot water?

No, hot water is not necessary because we have a temperature of 24 to 32 degrees (75 to 90 f) along the years.

Are there special rates for people who do not drink alcohol?

No, the rates apply to everyone equally.

 Which is the payment method?

The payment method is through the page. You do a Paypal or Stripe deposit of $9 dollars and you can pay the rest in the place, it can be cash or credit card. We only accept visa and master card.